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We are pleased to announce a partnership together with the HBA of Greater Cincinnati. The Safety Pro Group offers a wide variety of safety services along with an online safety management system (Safety Professionals App).

Additional Information

Please view some of our services and important links below. If you are interested in learning more about any of our services or our online safety management system, please give us a call.

Safety Professionals App

Our online safety management system includes an E-Learning Center, Employee Management, Safety Toolbox Talks, Safety Policies, SDS Archive, and Drug Free Workplace Management. This will help your company track employee training, have easy access to all of your written policies, and the ability to manage some of your drug free workplace program online. See some of the example screenshots of the application below.

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Safety Professionals App - Example Customer Administrator Dashboard Page
Safety Professionals App - Example Drug Free Workplace Landing Page
Safety Professionals App - Example E-Learning Center Landing Page
Safety Professionals App - Example E-Learning Test Completed
Safety Professionals App - Safety Reports PDF Download Page List - Preview - Desktop
Safety Professionals App - Example Drug Free Randomizer Selection Report

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If you need some help or want more information on our services, feel free to reach out. Calling us is the fastest way to get in touch.

Phone: 330-677-4433

Email: safety@thesafetyprogroup.com

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